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Invite only Kinect beta to start

by on11 August 2010

Invites already being sent out
A beta program for the upcoming release of Kinect is starting to ramp up with invites already being sent out to those lucky enough to get one. Apparently, Microsoft has already started choosing those who will be lucky enough to get an invite, but because you got an invite does not mean that you are going to be lucky enough to be selected to participate in the beta for Kinect.

The invite to apply is being sent by Microsoft’s own Connect service, which is the portal that the company uses to conduct beta programs for all of its products. A number of sites on the Internet are showing pictures of the invitation that Microsoft is sending out, even though Microsoft has asked those getting one not to forward it to others who have not been invited.

We don’t know much yet about what the beta will exactly include, but it is reasonable to assume that a dashboard update will be included in the process, as well as a chance for some lucky players to get to test the actual Kinect add-on. Some sites are reporting that if accepted into the beta, users will have audio communication suspended for individual or party chat with others who are not in the beta.

More is expected to be announced in the coming weeks as far as Microsoft’s plans for Kinect prior to launch, but don’t expect them to talk too much about the beta.
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