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Overheating iPod explodes on rush-hour Tokyo train, delays commuters

by on16 August 2010

Apple points cause to bad batch of batteries
Apple seems to be getting a fair share of negative attention from the press these days. Last wednesday, Apple Japan began offering customers first-generation iPod nano replacements for an affected batch of devices deemed at risk of overheating. On Friday, an Apple manager was arrested and charged with accepting more than $1 million in kickbacks from Asian suppliers of iPod and iPhone accessories.

This morning, the company faces a similar PR disaster with the explosion of an overheating iPod on a Tokyo rush-hour commuter train after passengers complained of a strong burning smell. According to a report from Reuters, the train came to a halt for eight minutes around 8:20am JST in western Tokyo's Setagaya Ward while officials investigated the cause of the smell, said a spokesman for Tokyu Corp.


Tokyo subway attendants respond to overheating iPod subway incident - Source 9 to 5 Mac

"When a member of staff went to investigate inside the train, a passenger came over showing him that the iPod she was listening to had burst apart," a local spokesman said.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported, and the exact iPod model that caused the ordeal is still unknown. At this time, Apple Japan has made no immediate comment. Interestingly enough, there been a total of 60 such incidents in Japan, including four cases involving minor burns, according to the ministry.

While the situation certainly brings Apple's PR image into murky waters, we can't help but imagine the mindsets of the thousands of Japanese rail commuters who questioned the ability of the timely Denentoshi railway system to meet their productive lifestyle needs.

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