Apple cracks down on leakers
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Wants the names and addresses of those who spilt the beans

Fruity cargo cult Apple is threatening those who managed to get their hands on details of its products from insiders.

Apple censors staff from talking about working from home
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We decide that

Fruity cargo cult Apple is so desperate that staff work in the office to receive the words of wisdom of their managers they are censoring workers from talking about it.

Apple will decide if your ID cards are valid
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This will end well

The fruity cargo cult has decided that its superior software experts can decide if your ID cards are valid and remove them from your wallet if they do not match the expectations of its wizard facial recognition system.

Apple’s numbers still dependent on iPhone
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Stuck on its cash cow

The Tame Apple Press opened the champers after Apple reported another successful quarter based mostly on sales of the iPhone.

Apple releases 30th zero day patch for 2021
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Apple rolled out an urgent security update for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS to address a zero-day flaw that it said may have been actively exploited.

Apple moves to 5G next year
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On all ranges

The fruity cargo cult Apple will have finally got all its gear working on 5G by next year.

Apple teams up with Amazon to enable fake reviews
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Takes down app which helped people spot the fakes

Apple has removed Fakespot, a well-known app for detecting fake product reviews, from its App Store after Amazon complained the app provided misleading information and potential security risks.

Apple fanboys clean their toys with hydrogen peroxide
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Apple must issue warning to the stupid

The Fruity Cargo Cult Apple has always had trouble with the fact that its fanboys are not the brightest bulbs, but an announcement on its support page had us worried.

Apple censors mentions of 69... from its weather forecast 
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69 too hot for Apple fanboys

It seems that Apple is are so worried about what their fanboys' mothers will think that they have banned their weather forecasting app from using any rude numbers – specifically 69.

Advertisers migrate from Apple because of no tracking policy
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Jobs’ Mob does something right on Safari 

Fruity cargo cult Apple is ruing the day that it did something right for users by bringing in a no tracking policy on its adverts.