EU antitrust plans will hurt Apple fanboys, claims Apple
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"Will no one think of the fanboys?" weakest argument ever

Fruity cargo cult Apple claims that if the EU prevents it from playing monopoly, Apple fanboys will be plagued with malware and become victims of cybercrime.

Engineer converts iPhone to USB-C
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Before the Tame Apple Press says it is impossible

With Apple under pressure from the EU to abandon its Lightning port to save the planet, an Engineer has converted his iPhone to USB-C before the Tame Apple Press had a chance to claim it was impossible.

Apple slashes iPhone cash cow numbers
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Moves to cut sales due to the "global chip shortage"

Fruity cargo cult Apple has slashed production of its iPhone 13 cash cow  by as many as 10 million units.

Microsoft gear will be easier to repair
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Will not copy Jobs' Mob to save the planet

While Apple hopes to score more cash from fanboys by making their devices harder to repair, Microsoft has decided to go the other way in a move to save the planet.

Apple rapes your privacy as much as Android
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So much for that myth

While Apple fanboys and the Tame Apple Press go on about how the fruity cargo cult being better for your privacy than Android, it seems that this is just spin.

Dutch say Apple finance apps are anti-competitive
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Ordered it to make changes

The Dutch, who once embarrassed the British by sailing its Navy into London, has bravely declared that Apple’s in-app payment system is anti-competitive.

Japanese investigate Apple and Google dominance
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It would be best if you did not play monopoly

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission has said that it will investigate  Apple and Google to see if they are using their dominance in the smartphone operating system market to eliminate competition and severely limit consumer options.

Jobs tried to convince Dell to license Mac software to run on Intel-based PCs
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Tried to say it was better than Windows

Michael Dell has an amusing anecdote about Steve Jobs – the fruity cargo cult leader had a crack at telling him the Mac software was better than Windows.

Apple faces fine over NFC chip
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Might have to open mobile payment system to rivals

The Fruity Cargo Cult Apple seems to be in hot water over its antitrust antics, at least in the EU.

Apple rumoured to be getting into adverts
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So much for not copying Google

Changes in iPhone privacy rules could herald a move by Apple into advertising on its iOS software.