Apple developing MicroLED device displays
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Asian suppliers might be knifed soon

Apple's Asian supplies might be about to receive the long expected knife in the back.

Apple markets its software bugs
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Don't you wish your Android had this many bugs?

Apple’s buggy software is now such a part of its users lives, Jobs’ Mob has taken to promoting it in its adverts.

Apple gear swats fanboys
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Helping increase the collective intelligence of the gene pool

The Apple Watch has a rather cool function which is designed to raise the standards of the world by having fanboys accidentally shot by police and thus removing the clinically dumb from the gene pool.

Iranians purged from Apple's app store
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Inquisition against a rival religion 

The fruity cargo cult Apple has decided that if you are Iranian, you are automatically forbidden to enter Apple heaven.

Apple's iPhone X battery is borked
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No, you don't get what you pay for

Fruity cargo cult Apple is facing a major problem with the batteries of its over-priced iPhone X, putting another nail in the coffin of the gadget which was supposed to turn around Apple's slumping iPhone sales.

France drags Apple and Google to court
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Evil contract terms

France will take Google and Apple to court over contractual terms imposed by the tech giants on startups and developers.

US government stops Broadcom
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Analysis: Qualcomm IP must say American

A shocking development in the ongoing attempt by Broadcom to takeover Qualcomm in a hostile way has finally been put to rest. The US government's Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS)  advised the President Donald Trump to put a stop to it. The reaction was swift, as the US government ordered both Broadcom and Qualcomm to put an end to the matter, immediately.

Apple  and Google brands suffer from lack of innovation
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Amazon more trusted

Apple and Google corporate brands dropped in an annual survey while Inc maintained the top spot for the third consecutive year.

Siri developer shocked that Apple hasn't evolved her
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Worse than I predicted

Seven years after Apple launched Siri in its iPhone, the bloke who developed the tech is shocked at how slowly she has evolved.

Apple must explain opposition to "right to repair"
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Jobs' Mob called out in court

A California state lawmaker wants Apple to explain why it has opposed and lobbied against legislation that would make it easier for its users to repair their iPhones and other expensive toys.