Apple officially schedules WWDC 2024 for June 10
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iOS 18, and new versions of iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, tvOS, and visionOS

Apple has officially set the date for its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which will take place from June 10 to June 14. The WWDC 2024 will be hosted online, but developers and students will be able to attend a special live event at Apple Park on June 10.

Apple's bezel battle
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Trimming a bit off the sides

The Tame Apple Press is apparently so desperate to whip up a frenzy over the next iPhone 16 that it is scratching its head to find something in the rumours that makes it sound interesting. Apparently, the big news is that Job’s Mob going to shave a bit off the bezel.

M3 Macbook Air - same old, same old
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About as fixable as the Middle East

The iFixit team have voided the latest M3 MacBook Air warranty to see how repairable it is and discovered that there is not much difference under the bonnet from the last model.

Apple schmoozes as anti-trust concerns deepen
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Visits White House 87 times in just four years

Fruity cargo cult Apple supremo Tim Cook, is hoping to head off anti-trust investigations with a White House charm offensive.

Apple escalates Epic Games war
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Blocks Fortnite on iOS in Europe

Fruity cargo cult Apple has decided it can’t get enough of fights with Epic Games and the EU and has escalated the row.

Apple shares hit rock bottom as investors lose faith
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Mimicking Microsoft under Steve Ballmer

Apple's share price has fallen for the last few weeks. Today, it hit a low for the year, closing at €156.86.

Apple sued for playing monopoly
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Cloud scams made users pay more

Fruity cargo cult Apple is facing a lawsuit accusing the tech giant of running an illegal monopoly over digital storage for its customers.

Xiaomi boss Lei Jun stunned by Jobs' Mob's car U-turn
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Why couldn't they get it to start?

Self-professed Apple fanboy and Xiaomi boss Lei Jun is stunned after the fruity cargo cult pulled out of the car market.

Apple's car project goes up in smoke
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Wasted ten years and millions of quid

Apple has finally given up on its electric car project after ten years of faffing about, changing direction and leadership, and ultimately creating only stories in the Tame Apple Press.

Apple faces probe for killing iPhone web apps in EU
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The price for being petulant

Apple could be in hot water over its decision to scrap iPhone web apps in the European Union, the Financial Times reports.