Cook demands Bloomberg pull spy story
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Our security is perfect

Apple CEO Tim Cook has made the rare step of demanding that Bloomberg retract its story alleging that Chinese spies compromised a company server using malicious microchips.

France angry over tech giant taxing
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Stop talking and make them pay up

The French government is getting its baguettes in a knot over delays in getting the US tech giants to start paying tax.

TSMC sees profits fall
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18 October 2018

TSMC sees profits fall

As an expected trade war looms

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing has reported a 0.9 percent fall in third quarter net profits.

Largest Apple collection up for sale
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Or it might be destroyed

An Austrian computer repairman who collected the world’s biggest collection of old Apple computers has warned it will all be destroyed unless someone takes it off his hands.

Huawei throws a giant phone party
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Hello Mate, here's the Mate20 Pro

Well over 2,000 people, from all over the world, poured into a conference hall in the Excel conference centre in London yesterday to see and listen to a complete bells and whistles exposition of the virtues of Huawei's latest range of phones the Mate 20 and the Mate20 Pro.

Kanye West wants Apple to build Trump an 'iPlane'
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And for once we agree with him

Popular beat combo artist and Trump luvvie Kanye West thinks it would be a really good idea if Apple built an iPlane for Donald Trump. While we don’t normally agree with Apple building anything for anyone, we think this might actually save the world.

Apple buys part of Dialog cheap
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After dumping the company as a supplier

Apple is to buy part of Dialog Semiconductor’s business in a $600 million deal after it knifed the company last year.

Apple set to SOC it to 'em, baby
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If you go it alone, you make more money

A senior analyst predicted at a conference in Barcelona today that following its success on the processor front, it is only a matter of time before Apple creates its own system on a chip (SOC), bypassing suppliers in its egostructure (sic).

Bloomberg finds more proof of hacked Supermicro hardware
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Despite strong denials from the likes of Apple, Amazon and Supermicro

Despite denials from Big Tech, Bloomberg is continuing to find proof that  China has been sabotaging critical technology components bound for America.

Apple fanboys lose case against Google spying
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Court says no one suffered damage 

The High Court has blocked a bid to sue Google for allegedly unlawfully taking data from 4.4 million UK iPhone users.