Apple and Google flogging pirated software
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Dragged into court

The maker of the popular game “PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" has launched a US lawsuit claiming that a Singapore-based company made rip-off versions of its game, and Apple and Google have refused to stop selling them.

Biden meets top tech firms
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Apparently they will help sort out Open source

The White House will meet executives from leading tech firms, including Google, Biggish Blue, Vole, Facebook, Jobs’ Mob, Oracle and Amazon.

Apple loses another chip expert
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It just can’t keep them

While the Tame Apple Press claims that Jobs’ Mob is about to replace Intel as the world’s top chip maker, the fruity cargo cult can’t keep experienced personnel.

Apple fanboys want Intel 12th generation chips
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At least those who know a bit about PCs

While Jobs Mob does not want to flog a Mac with one of Intel's 12th-generation Core processors, there is support amongst those fanboys who know about PCs to make it happen.

Apple bug blocked subscribers
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Tame Apple Press blamed the telcos

A software bug in Apple iCloud Private Relay caused it to block connections to telcos.

Apple thinks annoying teens will get them to switch from Android
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How to make your users even more annoying by turning them into bullies

Fruity cargo cult Apple thinks that its colour coding of SMS messages will force teens to switch from Android to Apple.

Apple can't get sensors to go on watch
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Blood Pressure and glycose testing were vapourware 

The Tame Apple Press has been claiming that Apple’s watch will soon be able to measure the wearer’s glucose levels in a noninvasive manner and check their blood pressure.

Tim Cook makes 1,447 times more than average Apple employee
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Nearly $100 million a year

Apple boss Tim Cook's pay in 2021 was 1,447 times that of the average employee at the tech giant, thanks mostly to stock awards that helped him earn a total of nearly $100 million.

Apple processor boss escapes to Intel
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After eight years

Apple Silicon leader and T2 security processor developer Jeff Wilcox has left Apple to rejoin Intel and oversee architecture for all Intel System-on-a-Chip (SoC) designs.

Google pays Apple to stay out of search
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Class action calls for both companies to be broken up

A class-action lawsuit has been filed in California against Google, Apple and the CEOs of both tech giants for allegedly violating antitrust laws.