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Halo Reach still showing up on Torrents

by on31 August 2010

Reportedly appearing in retail, too
It seems with another 2 hours past that Halo Reach is once again starting to show up on BitTorrent sites, despite increased threats and potential bans from Xbox Live. Sources are now whispering to us that more small retailers are selling copies early; and it would seem that while the big box guys are not selling it early yet, it might be only a matter of time.

While some have spoken about Microsoft moving the release date, that does not seem to be an option at this time. While Microsoft has gone quiet on the topic of the leaks showing up online and the early sales, it continues to reaffirm its position that the title Halo Reach will launch worldwide on September 14th.

Right now, we have to suggest that you stay away from retailers breaking the street date. You need to ask yourself if a potential Xbox Live ban is worth playing the game early. If you do not listen to our advice, you had better make sure that your console isn’t connected to the Internet.
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