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AT&T to offer 9800 in Red & White

by on14 September 2010


Late November release expected
It seems that despite all of the negative press that has been following the BlackBerry Torch 9800 around, AT&T and RIM are not ready to throw in the towel just yet. In fact, AT&T has been turning up the advertising machine in conjunction with RIM in a series of ads showing off the 9800. Apparently it is working, as our sources tell us that sales are not as flat as they had been, although still far from what RIM was expecting.

In addition to the sales of the Torch 9800 picking up, AT&T will apparently be the first carrier to offer the Torch 9800 in colors. A red and white version of the 9800 is expected for a late November release, but some are suggesting that it could arrive as soon as mid-November. Sources tell us that the configuration of the 9800 will be the same; the only difference is the color. The red version looks closest to the current black released version, while the white version is a bit more adventurous with white almost everywhere except the screen, and this includes a white keyboard.

There is no word yet if other carriers will be lucky enough to get some colors for their 9800s, but we suspect that will be on the agenda for RIM after the AT&T release in November.

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