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Raven once again loses more staff

by on12 October 2010

Another realignment after Singularity
With Singularity having been shipped, developer Raven Software has again been hit with layoffs that are being spun as a realignment of the workforce to better reflect the upcoming slate of titles. While these layoffs have sometimes become commonplace after a product ships, many times team members are redeployed to new projects; but this time Raven has been subjected to more staff loss.

In the latest round of layoffs 40 developers were said to be let go. Sources tell us that with this move, Activision has taken Raven down from three development teams to just a single one. Whispers suggest the move indicates a significant shift in strategy for the future of Raven. According to these sources, at least in the short term, the studio will be focused on DLC content production.

The ride for Raven has been rough. The studio was very successful in the past, but recent titles from the studio have not done as well as Activision and Raven had hoped. It seems to be a combination of a lot of factors, but no one seems to be able to put their finger on it. Despite rumors of the studio being totally shut down, shadow dwellers tell us that at least in the short term that is unlikely.

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