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EA puts Mirror’s Edge on hold

by on15 February 2011

DICE to focus on Battlefield 3 instead
Those waiting for a sequel to Mirror’s Edge are going to have to wait a lot longer, as Electronic Arts has apparently put the sequel on hold after being shown a prototype. Instead, developer DICE has been told to focus all efforts on Battlefield 3.

While Mirror’s Edge 2 apparently deserves a sequel, according to EA CEO John Riccitiello, and many at DICE apparently believe that it is just a matter of time before this happens, the fact is that the first one didn’t sell all that well; and given the recent lackluster sales of other EA titles, it is understandable that the publisher wants to focus on titles that they believe have the best chance of sales success.

EA apparently does not have any comment about the future of Mirror’s Edge other than to say that DICE is working on Battlefield 3. Our sources tell us that DICE still wants to do it and will likely continue to push to do it, and if Battlefield 3 sells well they just might get to do it. From the whispers we hear it isn’t dead yet, but we would not expect it anytime soon.
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