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BF3 will be dubbed down for consoles

by on15 March 2011

DICE claims it will still be amazing
DICE is now conceding what we think PC Battlefield fans had already known:  the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Battlefield 3 will be “scaled down” versions of the PC version. DICE claims that they will still be amazing, but the PC version will provide the ultimate Battlefield 3 experience.

The PC version of Battlefield 3 will also include a lot of very specific and unique features that will only be available in this version of the game. DICE isn’t yet talking about what these special and unique features for the PC version might be, but DICE is promising news at a later date.

Speaking of dates, that is one thing DICE is still not talking about. We continue to hear that it will arrive this fall, but the most recent whispers we hear indicate that while an October release is what EA and DICE might like, it seems more realistic that it will arrive closer to Thanksgiving or early December, according to our sources. It is expected that an actual target release date will be announced in June at E3.

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