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Norwegian police tell P2P hunter to go away

by on21 February 2008


No time

lawyer Espen Tøndel has been told by Danish police that they cannot be bothered wasting resources chasing file-sharers.

A Hollywood lawyer, Tøndel has been trying to get the police to believe that there is a criminal rather than a civil case to answer in P2P crime. However, in a letter to Tøndel the police officially told him that their duty was to chase real criminals and they could not be used as a whipping boy by the music and film industry.

Tøndel wrote to the Department of Justice and demanded a meeting with them. He argued that without the help of the police all they had was an IP address, which they could not sue. The Department of Justice completely refused him a meeting. Trond Giske, Minister of Culture in Norway, said that identifying P2P users was a substantial process.

Police will try to identify only those who upload movies and music illegally.

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