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Motorola readies WiMAX PC Card

by on03 May 2007


Approved by the FCC

has had its first WiMAX laptop product certified by the FCC, the Expedience PC Card. It comes with a built in antenna, so it can easily be used on the. Motorola claims it can be used at "vehicular speeds", although there's no mention of how fast the vehicle can drive before the connection is dropped.

The PC Card works just like any old WiFi card, but it using WiMAX signalling instead of WiFi and it's supposed to only take a few seconds to connect to a WiMAX network.

It's rather odd that Motorola has chosen to do a PC Card device, as this is a dying standard with everyone moving towards Express Card in notebooks. It seems to us as a very strange move, as you would expect new technology to use the latest in interface design.

Drivers are available for Windows Vista and XP.

This is what the card looks like and you can find out more here


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