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Tri-core Llano A6-3500 ships in select EU markets

by on31 August 2011

First 65W Llanos on sale, finally
AMD’s first 65W Llano parts are apparently only days from launch and some retailers in Germany and Poland have already jumped the gun. They are selling the A6-3500, AMD’s first 65W Llano and the only triple-core version.

The A6-3500 features three CPU cores clocked at 2.1GHz, overclockable to 2.4GHz on Turbo, and HD 6530D graphics, all in a 65W package.  The “old” A6-3650 quad core features the same graphics, and no Turbo, but it is clocked at 2.6GHz and features a hefty 100W TDP.

In terms of value, the A6-3500 does pretty well, too. It should sell for €79, about €10 less than the A6-3650. Needless to say, both are pretty good value, but the 3500 is a 65W part, which makes it a bit more appealing.

Two Polish retailers also expect to have the Athlon II X4 631 in stock within 24 hours. This is a 2.6GHz, 100W Llano quad core, but it features no integrated graphics and has a 100W TDP. It should sell for about €70. Frankly this is hardly an improvement over existing Athlon IIs based on the existing 45nm Propus core. They are a tad faster, have a similar TDP (95W) and cost a bit less.

We expect to see a few more 65W Llanos in retail by the end of the week.
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