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Seagate introduces first 4TB drive

by on07 September 2011

$249 for external version
Seagate launched the world’s first 4TB drive today, but you can’t just pop round the corner and get yourself one just yet.

First of all the 4TB GoFlex is an external 3.5-inch drive, naked desktop variants will follow soon. Secondly, the drive is only available through, but a few lucky retailers will have it in stock shortly. The price stands at $249, which sounds fair.

On the tech side of things, the drive is pretty much your regular run of the mill 3.5-inch external drive. It supports USB 3.0, which seems like a good idea given the immense capacity, but there is no eSATA on board.

The new drive also proves Fudzilla can do a story about a big hard drives with no porn jokes. (Well, technically that is one. sub.ed.)
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