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Nvidia believes 3D gaming makes a difference

by on09 September 2011

3D TV gaming now possible
If you happen to live in a developed country and can afford a new 46+ inch TV, it’s highly likely that you will be going after LED TV with 3D capabilities, as prices of new TVs with LED panels went down dramatically over the past year or so.

Many might be reluctant to buy a new TV due to a possible second economic downturn, but all the proud owners of 3D TVs now have the chance to plug a notebook or Geforce desktop in their 3D TV and use Nvidia's 3D vision.

This is now possible via HDMI 1.4 connector and cable and the beauty is that you can use the glasses that you get with your TV. This is what Ujesh Desai Nvidia's Vice President of event marketing was very enthusiastic about. We were told that ex-ATI chipset expert Phil Eisler who runs 3D Vision for Nvidia is doing a good job.

Of course, $99 USD wired glasses for 3D monitors definitely help the cause and 3D monitors are now widespread and don’t cost that much than 60Hz monitors with the same resolution.

There should be some 500 games that support 3D vision today, and we can tell you that it looks quite good until it makes you dizzy. To be fair it doesn’t happen to everybody and it doesn’t happen every time, but we know quite a few people who got dizzy after Avatar 3D and games produce even worse effect to these individuals.

This is one of the key factors that gives PC gaming an edge and the fact that DirectX 10 and 11 games do look better than the console ones. This Xmas might be all about PC games, as 2012 is the game of new Xbox and Playstation that will get equipped with latest greatest 28nm DirectX 11 graphics, reportedly both from AMD.
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