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DLC for Dead Island on hold

by on03 October 2011

Will instead focus on fixes first
Due to the perhaps much unexpected popularity of Dead Island, the developers at Techland have apparently decided to focus on working to fix the reaming bugs and problems in the game before moving forward with first installment of DLC content for the game.

Techland has already released a couple of patches, but apparently they still have a way to go, if their posting on the official Dead Island Facebook page is any indication. It would seem, however, that putting the finishing touches on the game by resolving these issues would be good strategy if Techland wants to extend the game with additional DLC content.

The first DLC content that Dead Island players have been waiting for is called the Bloodbath Arena. While Techland has admitted that it is still in development, the work on it has been suspended while they work on the main game prior to finalizing the Bloodbath Arena code.

While reviews were mixed on Dead Island, it would seem that players could have cared less; they purchased the game regardless, with sales already eclipsing the two million copies sold mark. Our take on the game is that it is actually pretty good and has much potential. It has gotten better with each released patch on the Xbox 360 version, and with additional work it could continue to improve and just get better. The question is whether or not Techland has missed their window to extend the sales and buzz about Dead Island.

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