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Motorola Razx, Nexus Prime launch Oct 18

by on18 October 2011

Today for most, tomorrow for some

Some of you might remember Motorola Razr phones, great all-metal clamshell design with crappy software on top.

Now, since Motorola got in bed with Google, at least for mobile affairs, they are ready to announce a thin Android based Razr. It's a touch screen non foldable phone that should get announced later today.

You can get to see how it looks at Engadget, while Motorola's official countdown site here.

The other big thing that is happening is the Ice Cream Sandwich launch, that should be followed by new Samsung based Google phone. The rumoured name is Samsung Nexus Prime but some also mention Galaxy Optimus as a possible name.Fans of Michael Bay’s godawful movies are probably hoping for Optimus Prime.

The good thing about this announcement is that Google will live stream it at The pacific coast gets to see it of 7PM October 18, the eastern seaboard sees it on October 18 10 PM while, Central Europe gets to see it on October 19th at 4AM, London it 3 AM, while Tokyo and China will be ready for dessert on October 19th, 11AM.

So if you are into Android and are not using iPhone or any other alternative operating system, then getting to see Android 4.0 and some hot new hardware for it should be great news.

The most important question for current Android users will be when Android 4.0 updates will come to previous generation phones / tablets.

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