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HD DVD player returns and trade-up offered

by on10 March 2008

Future Shops & Circuit City try to make things right

The end of the hi-def movie format war between HD DVD and Blu-ray has left many HD DVD owners more than a little upset with the outcome. Now Future Shops and Circuit City are trying to make things right with customers that purchased HD DVD players from their stores with programs that allow users to return the HD DVD players.

Future Shops of Canada is inviting HD DVD player owners to bring in their HD DVD players for a $100 credit toward the purchase of an LG or Samsung Blu-Ray/HD DVD combo player. While the combo players generally have a higher price tag than a standalone Blu-ray player, the ability to trade in your HD DVD player for credit does seem like a good offer.

While the offer will only run from March 7th to April 3rd, some of the specifics are still a bit cloudy on the offer. It is unknown if the offer will apply only to players purchased at Future Shops, as clarification seems to indicate that it does not matter where you purchased the player, and it is still unknown if the offer applies to users that own the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on drive.

Circuit City, on the other hand, will allow HD DVD players that were purchased in its stores to be returned to Circuit City for store credit toward a Blu-ray player. In the event that the customer does not want to purchase a Blu-ray player, the customer will be issued a gift card for the amount of the purchase.

While neither store is accepting HD DVD movies that were purchased for return, the attempt to at least soothe some of the pain of the end of the format war will surely be welcomed by some consumers. Circuit City will be returning players back to the vendor, while Future Shops will be donating HD DVD players captured during this program to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada for use in their after-school programs.

Last modified on 10 March 2008
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