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Qualcomm S4 8960 is TSMC 28nm chip

by on08 December 2011

In production now

Our sources have confirmed that Qualcomm’s flagship S4 8960 28nm chip is currently in production and that is being produced by TSMC.

Qualcomm didn’t want to comment on this when we spoke to them, but our industry sources where happy to share some details. Qualcomm will be one of the first company to test 28nm production and we don’t doubt for a second that we will see 28nm chips in phones announced in the last days of February, in time for the Mobile World Congress 2012, in Barcelona.

Qualcomm will join AMD and Nvidia in the 28nm TSMC effort. Initial reports indicate that 28nm is still a troubled process and not so great with yields. In addition, it also costs significantly more than 40nm. AMD and Nvidia are of course making graphics chips first and AMD is expected to debut by January 10, CES 2012.

Nvidia should come later. So already in Q1 2012, you should be able to buy graphics card and potentially a bit later a phone with 28nm chip. It sounds good to have 1.7GHz phone or tablet with 4G modem already integrated doesn’t it? And all in 28nm.

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