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Acer and Asustek say everything is on course

by on15 December 2011

Never mind Intel or the floods

Acer and Asustek have left their sales forecasts for the fourth quarter of this year unchanged despite a warning by Intel that PC output has been affected by a component shortage.

Chipzilla said this week that it chip clients have cut orders in the past two weeks as their production has been interrupted by a shortage in hard disk drives due to the recent serious flooding in Thailand. Intel's warning has stirred concerns over the earnings outlook for  PC suppliers such as Acer and Asustek.

But Acer has maintained its forecast that consolidated sales for the October-December period will fall five percent to 10 percent from the previous quarter's  $3.89 billion. It said that it had taken the component shortage into account when it calculated its figures. Asustek has also stuck to its forecast in October that its sales will fall by no more than 5 percent-10 percent saying the hard disk drive shortage has been factored into the estimate.

Asustek said it will not revise its sales estimate simply because of the Intel sales forecast downgrade was a bit rubbish. In November, Asustek posted record high consolidated sales up 25 percent from October on the back of good notebook shipment growth in Europe so it is rolling in it at the moment.

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