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AMD is on the right track

by on20 December 2011

Big G thinks it should look to embedded

Analyst outfit Gartner claims that with Intel dominating the microprocessor market, AMD should look more seriously at developing chips for the embedded devices.

Sergis Mushell, principal research analyst at Gartner, said AMD can target these markets particularly as Intel is now looking at the mobile space. He said that it would take a while for a chip maker to gain a strong foothold in the embedded devices market, should at least shoe horn its way in.

According to ZDNet Asia that since the CEO change, the company had restructured its business to focus on low power, emerging markets and cloud computing. Mushell said that AMD's three focus areas are aligned to market trends But he said AMD's focus on lower power chips does not  mean the chipmaker is looking solely at mobile devices.  Chips that use lower power could also end up in laptops.

AMD is also targeting cloud and virtualization with its Bulldozer series of server chips. Virtualization technology is a "must have" in servers, Mushell added.

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