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Quanta sues AMD over faulty notebook chips

by on06 January 2012

AMD not impressed

In a sea of intellectual property suits plaguing the tech industry, it is nice to come across a proper, down and dirty civil lawsuit once in a while.

Notebook maker for hire Quanta is suing AMD for breach of contract, alleging that some of its chips were pants and did not meet heat tolerances. The allegedly faulty chips ended up in NEC notebooks and Quanta says they made the poor things malfunction.

However, AMD disputes the claims, saying the allegations are without merit. The same chips were used in other designs, with no problems whatsoever.

“In fact, Quanta has itself acknowledged to AMD that it used the identical chip in large volumes in a different computer platform that it manufactured for NEC without such issues,” said AMD spokesman Michael Silverman.

In any case, the complaint targets discontinued AMD/ATI chips, so there is no reason not to go out and buy a notebook based on AMD Llano chips, or with some discrete Radeon graphics for that matter.

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