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Microsoft kills the Start button

by on07 February 2012

If you doing start you will never finish

Software giant Microsoft has decided that we no longer need a start button on Windows 8. Screenshots of the latest build of Windows 8 indicate that Vole has taken the start button for a while in a Berlin forest and discretely shot it in the back of the head.

According to the Verge the new Windows 8 build display shows off something called the "super bar" which unfortunately has nothing to do with a 24 hour pub which serves drinks at a reasonable price. We have seen the super bar before, but this time the Start button is missing. It is believed that Build 8220 will be the final version released before the beta, now known as the Consumer Preview, debuts before the end of the month. Vole seemed to be in two minds about the start button in Windows 8. It was located in the Metro UI offered access to the search, share, devices, and settings panels.

Replacing it is something that Microsoft calls a “hot corner.” If you hover over it with your mouse, or swiping your finger over that spot, you will back and forth between the Metro UI and the desktop. Sounds like an accident waiting to happen. Windows 8 will also have an enhanced "charms bar," which is a group of transparent icons that provide access to key features and this can replace the defunct Metro UI start button by offering links to the search, share, devices, and settings panels.

Those who have seen the new operating system are worried that it might have given too much away to those who want to touch their screen at the expense of those who use a mouse and a keyboard.

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