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iOS BF 3 game comes to an end

by on05 March 2012


Will refocus on other projects

The free to play Battlefield 3: Aftershock title that came out for the iOS platform has been shut down, as Electronic Arts has decided against improving or enhancing the title. Instead, the company is moving its resources on to focus on other projects.

While EA did not get into specifics why the title was shut down, it is thought that all of the negativity surrounding the title didn’t help matters much. The free Battlefield 3 spin-off was problematic right from the start, with users reporting a number of problems relating to connectivity to control (which led to a lot of very negative feeling among players).

The negative feedback was not lost on EA; while they acknowledged that the negative feedback did give them cause to re-evaluate Battlefield 3: Aftershock, they did say that the discontinuation of the game was due to of a number of factors.

Those that have the game can continue to play till the servers are shut down on March 31st, 2012. While EA does not say that they will not try another version of Battlefield for the mobile platforms, we suspect it will be some time before they try again.

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