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TSMC to bring in multiple CEOs

by on06 March 2012

This will end well

Apple's number one supplier, TSMC will now implement its CEO succession plan after the promotion of three senior vice presidents to company co-COOs.

The move, which will mean that Morris Chang can retire from the CEO post and effectively means that TSMC is following the same management approach which has made RIM the company that it is today. Chang also reiterated that he will remain as chairman for TSMC, even after the new CEO or co-CEOs are named, dismissing speculation about his retirement plans.

TSMC's appointment of new co-COOs is part of the company's CEO succession plan, announced a few months ago. He will relinquish the CEO role by mid-2014, which means that his successors will have a few years to sort out a pecking order.
However it does have the advantage that if one CEO throws himself off the roof and misses the nets below then there are two others than can take his place.

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