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Users get miffed at Google spying

by on02 April 2008


Stop watching us

Punters using Google are starting to get miffed at the way the outfit is spying on its users to serve them up specialized advertisments.

A recent survey by TNS Global on behalfof consumer privacy organization TRUST showed that three-quarters of users were aware that their browsing history "may be collected" for advertising purposes.

However,  57 percent reported that they weren't comfortable that their activities were tracked for advertising purposes, even if the information couldn't be tied to their names or real-life identities.

More than 72 percent of those surveyed said that they find online advertising annoying when the ads are not relevant to their needs, and 87 percent of the group said that under a quarter of ads are well-targeted toward them. 58 percent said that zero to 10 percent of ads are well-targeted.
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