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Google tablet in production

by on19 March 2012

tegra logo google logo new

Tegra 3, manufactured by Asus

Despite some new rumors our sources are telling us that the Google Nexus tablet was not changed and its design is still in line with the first rumors that originated at the Mobile World Congress in February.

Google’s new tablet is still wrapped around a Tegra 3 processor and it is still made by Asus. Our sources are confident that the tablet will launch in Q2 2012 and May is the earliest date we are hearing. The worst case scenario is a launch at Google I/O that happens in very late June, last days of Q2 2012.

The tablet is still a 7-incher and it won’t be cheaper than $199, despite rumors that it might get a dual-core processor and drop to $149. Our well informed sources are saying this is not happening, the original processor, manufacturing partner and launch have not changed.

We repeatedly said that Google is primarily going after Amazon’s Kindle Fire and the company plans to offer a better tablet and seize some market share from Amazon. Google Nexus tablet should come with Android 4.0 and we are willing to bet that it will be one of the first to get Android 5.0 Jelly Bean as soon as it launches.


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