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Tyan releases new Xeon platform

by on27 March 2012

Motherboard stands for comfort

Motherboard maker Tyan has just released a family of boards based around Intel's Sandy Bridge based Xeon E5-2600 processor. Eight Tyan boards are supposed to provide higher performance and lower power consumption, in HPC and GPU server rooms.

Tyans platform portfolio includes five motherboards and three barebones systems that are targeted for the small business computing to mission-critical applications such as virtualization or GPGPU. TYAN motherboards such as the S7050, S7055, or S7056, and barebones servers such as the GN70-B7056, FT48-B7055 and FT77-B7059, are the top end of the range and are supposed to help customers deal with mission critical and massive workload requirements found in GPGPU and HPC software.

The company claims that they are also good at more memory intensive applications such as virtualisation, The S7052 motherboard has 24 DIMM slots while the S7053 is build for multiple expansion slots such as embedded and automation.

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