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Steve Jobs to be portrayed by Ashton Kutcher

by on02 April 2012


An independent film simply titled "Jobs"

Everyone loves Hollywood drama, especially when it involves the likes of information technology superstars and overrated actors like Ashton Kutcher, both of which have completely polar opposite charismas yet apparently manage to find some common ground on stage and in front of crowds. In an independent biography film produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment, The Hollywood Reporter states that Ashton Kutcher has signed on to play the title role in an indepedent film about the life of Apple founder and former CEO Steve Jobs.

ashton kutcher steve jobs

Ashton Kutcher (Age 34, left) / Steve Jobs (Age 22, right)

The film, which Joshua Michael Stern will begin shooting in May, is simply called Jobs. But of course, we believe Sony is choosing this rather simple, Apple-esque name for more than just marketing reasons. Nevertheless, Stern will direct Jobs from a script written by Matt Whiteley as a biopic of Steve Jobs' meteoric rise from a Northern California hippie to the co-founder and CEO of Apple Incorporated.

Critics have already given note to Ashton Kutcher's resemblance with young Jobs as being "unmistakable," even though Kutcher's personality is catered almost entirely towards drama, while Jobs took on a more focused, authoritarian temperament in the latter decades of his life.

Kutcher, who is currently on hiatus from CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men, has been identified as being the same height as young Steve Jobs - 6'2.

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