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Cheap faux ultrabooks on the way?

by on26 April 2012

Vendors said to be working on affordable designs

Demand for ultrabooks is growing steadily, but high prices are still the biggest obstacle to widespread adoption.

Vendors will start rolling out second generation ultrabooks soon, but they will also feature hefty price tags. However, Digitimes claims that vendors will also try a different approach, in the form of cheap and thin notebooks that will borrow some features from proper ultrabooks.

The new devices should complement full blown ultrabooks and offer a cheaper alternative. However, it is still not clear what to expect in terms of design or specs. Vendors will probably have to resort to cheaper materials and cheaper components, i.e. plastics in place of magnesium, HDDs instead of hybrid drives or SSDs.

Also, vendors could also tap cheaper CPUs this time around. AMD’s upcoming Trinity APU will come in 18W and 25W flavours and they should end up significantly cheaper than Intel’s ULV chips.

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