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Zenbooks to get 1080p resolution IPS displays

by on30 April 2012

The sound of one hand clapping

Reports are coming in from the Far East that Asus is to launch new Zenbooks that are equipped with 1080p resolution IPS displays.

Engadget Chinese got its paws on the next generation Asus Zenbook Ultrabooks.   The Zenbooks will include the Asus Zenbook Prime which had 1920×1080 Full HD resolution displays that used the IPS display technology.  This will probably match Ivy Bridge processors.

But the IPS display is pretty sexy. You get better picture quality and viewing angles and with the 1080p resolution screen you get a lot more pixels than the current Zenbook laptops offer. The upgrade to new 1080p IPS displays will be huge for the Zenbook family of laptops, but such a refresh in features would be pretty revolutionary for the laptop industry.  Most laptops are sold with screens that use the TN panel technology and offer 1366×768 pixels.

If successfully launched the Asus Zenbook Prime laptops should cause other Ultrabook-class laptop makers to release more competitive machines. However it is worthwhile holding fire on the enthusiasm for now.  There is no news on a launch date or a price for the new machines.

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