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British Army tries break Panasonic Toughbooks

by on28 May 2012

Did a bit better with the desert rats

The British Army too a bunch of Panasonic Toughbooks on scientific expedition to Antarctica in an attempt to see if they could cope with the temperatures better than Scott.

On their Scott-inspired explorations to mark the 100th anniversary of his endeavours the 24 person expedition, in three teams made up of British Armed Services personnel, explored remote areas and conducted scientific research in the Peninsula Arm of Antarctica to better understand the factors influencing the rapid warming of the region.

On of the spins from the expedition was to test  four Panasonic Toughbooks we took on the expedition. Stuart Fletcher, Leader of Red Team 1 said that the Toughbooks to keep in touch with home via email, to update our website and issue news alerts whilst on the expedition and to record information and store photographs. He said that normal laptops would not have been able to stand-up to the conditions.

“One minute we were in the hot, air conditioned yacht cabin and the next out in -15 degree freezing temperatures,” he said.

The team used Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 and CF-19’s on the expedition. The Toughbooks had a hard life and coped with admirably was the inevitable rough handling that military and extreme environments entail.

“They stood up to everything – the cold, the wet, being dropped - we simply couldn’t break them,”  Fletcher said

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