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Christians create their own tablets

by on12 July 2012

Following the Jews again

It seems that Christian groups are not happy with being in the Eden which is Jobs' Mob's walled garden of delights. Despite the fact that Apple does nice things to appeal to the Christian Right, such as banning information on sex, abortion and gambling behind its walled garden, some Christians in the US think that it does not go far enough.

Family Christian's Edifi is being billed as the world’s first Christian tablet, it is not clear when it accepted Jesus into its CPU, or how the hell it was baptised without shorting, but it is apparently capable of worshipping an invisible being which is three things simultaneously. [So it’s tri-band. Ed]

The appropriately named Brian Honorable, who is a technology supervisor at Family Christian, the group that sells the tablet, said he wanted customers to use his Bible which has 27 different English translations of the Bible. All of which must be inspired by God and literally correct so it is important to read them all.

The Android-based tablet is manufactured by South Korean firm Cydle, and sports a resistive touch screen (480x800 resolution), 512MB of RAM, and 8GB of expandable storage. It is stacked up against the Kindle Fire, or should we say Fire and Brimstone? 

The tablet comes with movie-watching capabilities, Christian radio stations, and even a web browser with built-in “safe search,” so the tablet is safe for the whole family and it won't accidentaly stumble across any Hitchens or Dawkins debates on YouTube. The Edifi tablet, which came out last month, comes with earphones, a wall charger, a removable stand, a protective cover, a stylus and a tablet pouch. It will be flogged through the Family Christian website or from one of the company's 300 stores across the US.

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