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Tasmania's coppers fed up with the net

by on16 July 2012

Please leave us alone

Tasmania's coppers have asked the public to stop alerting it to every "abusive or harassing" comments online.

The coppers said they were getting shedloads of complaints about material posted to the sites. But they point out that just becase someone is a twat online does not make it a crime. In a press release the coppers said that if the conduct complained of would not amount to an offence if it occurred off-line, then it is not an offence simply because in a particular instance it was undertaken with the aid of digital technology.

Comments placed on Facebook which are abusive or harassing would not be a crime if the same sort of behavior occurred in a public place. It added that it is not the role of Tasmanian Police to censor internet content and Acting inspector Luke Manhood urged the public to lodge complaints directly with Facebook.

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