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Game World portal launched by LG

by on28 August 2012

Only for the Cinema 3D Smart HDTVs

LG is launching a new portal called Game World for the company’s Cinema 3D Smart HDTVs, which will allow owners to access a collection of both free and paid games. The games will include both 2D and 3D titles and users will be able to play these title using the LG Magic Remote or compatible third party controllers.

LG, like many companies, is exploring the casual games market space and seeing what they might be able to do within this space. It isn’t clear if consumers are really interested in playing casual games on their TVs yet. Of course, the casual games market space has been successful with both the smart phone and tablet market and even on the PC. It is hard to say if this will become a popular way of accessing casual games.

LG isn’t the only company exploring this, as others are, as well. The numbers of apps and abilities continue to grow as companies continue to push the boundaries of what traditional TVs can do. Since internet connectivity has come to the vast majorities of HDTVs, companies are looking at a number of different plans to use this to drive additional revenue.

As one analyst told us, “It is an exciting time for HDTV companies because it gives these companies the ability to perhaps develop new revenue streams unlike they never have been able to before. Sell a TV and make money on the set and now perhaps there is a chance for revenue beyond that.” The real question is if consumers are ready to buy into it or not.

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