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Tegra 3 Windows RT drivers in good shape

by on19 September 2012

Industry sources confirm

Windows RT is a tough proposition at least when it comes to drivers. Despite the fact that Qualcomm is doing great with its LTE enabled S4 chips, it looks like Qualcomm is losing the driver development battle against Nvidia.

Our sources are telling us that Nvidia RT drivers are in really good shape and that the company is not far away from the final shipping version. Tablets based on Tegra 3 work quite well and they are the ones that will put some pressure on Intel Atom powered tablets.

Mind you, x86 still has more horsepower at least in certain areas, but battery life is usually on ARM’s side, but then again these numbers are getting close. Nvidia has been developing Windows drivers since its first days back in 1993. AMD will also have an advantage over Qualcomm when it comes to drivers with Hondo tablet chips, but at a cost of inferior battery life due its 4.5W TDP.

Windows RT is expected to ship on many tablets and Microsoft’s Surface on October 26th 2012.

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