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Mac Mini supply dries up

by on09 October 2012

Refresh due any day now

The supply of the Mac mini, which is supposed to be getting an update with Intel's latest Ivy Bridge chips, is drying up and there is no indication that Jobs mob's is going to release more.

Resellers are reporting that they are out of stock of the Mac mini. Apple Insider could not find the 2.3-gigahertz model on Amazon, MacConnection, and J&R, while the 2.5-gigahertz option is unavailable at Amazon, MacMall, MacConnection and J&R.
Another one which is in short supply is the Mac mini Server with a 2-gigahertz Core i7 process. Amazon says it only has a few units left in stock, while MacMall and MacConnection are currently sold out.

Apparently you can't find any Mac Mini's in Germany either. Of course Apple never tells anyone why it is running out of stock and it usually makes sure there is nothing on the shelves before a big launch.  This is partly because it does not want to be left with dead inventory, and partly because Apple fanboys cannot tell the difference between Apple's old and new products. However in this case it could also mean that the product is being allowed to die a death.

Apple last updated the Mac mini in July of 2011, adding support for the high-speed Thunderbolt port while ditching the built-in optical disc drive that had been found on previous models. But an updated Mac mini was not listed by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo among the eight new products Apple is rumoured to launch this autumn.  With supply already running out, it could be that the Mac Mini is being canned.

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