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Galaxy Note 10.1 gets Jelly Bean

by on09 November 2012

Samsung tablet joins 4.1 club

The Galaxy Note 10.1 is starting to get some Jelly Bean love. German customers are getting the 4.1.1 update in a 300 MB package and the rest of the world should not take a long time to receive this highly anticipated update.

New features include improved S Pen functionality, something that Galaxy Note 2 uses got to see before, and a few artists who do use this pen as it was meant to be used, for drawing, might benefit from the update.  

Multitasking is reportedly better and you can change the size of the app window. The Paper Artist app is now included and once again Galaxy Note II users will be familiar with this one. You can use new fonts and stiles, new PopUp apps and the overall system seems faster.

Before this latest Samsung update, we had a chance to see 4.1 updates on Nvidia Tegra 3 based tablets, namely Asus products including a few of the Transformer line were usually very quick to get updates.

Now that Samsung is dominating the phone market, it hopes to keep up with tablets, a market where people really love any kind of updates.

You can get some more information and a few screenshots in German here.

Last modified on 09 November 2012
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