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Jobs announces new rally

by on14 May 2008


Power and the Passion for iPhone 3G

In what is expected to be the launch of the 3G iPhone, the pastel themed gadget god Steve Jobs has booked himself to talk at next month's Worldwide Developers Conference.

The cCnference is expected to chat about coding applications for a non-Apple Mac platform. Apple would be releasing the latest version of iPhone SDK and will have sessions for mobile developers to code for the Apple iPhone.

While this will be exciting for those who think that all that proceeds from the mouth of Jobs to be divine will, the more cynical amongst us think he will use the event to announce the new 3G version of the iPhone. If he doesn't, then Apple is going to have to explain why it has run out of iPhone units across the world.

Apple famously did not bother with 3G, even though it would not have been difficult to do so. However, with early adoptions of the Jesus phone now starting to need replacing, it makes sense to release a new version to empty punter's pockets.
Last modified on 14 May 2008
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