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Richard Stallman says Apple has evil handcuffs

by on06 December 2012

Not fluffy and chaff your wrists

Open Sauce guru Richard Stallman has said that Apple issues its users with the most evil sets of handcuffs.

Talking to New International Magazine, Stallman said that the latest wave of Digital handcuffs are the most common malicious features used by big companies. He said that they restrict what you can do with the data in your own computer. He said that Apple had digital handcuffs that are the tightest in history. So far there has been two cases of spyware found under the bonnet of Apple gear. Apple says it removed them and there might be more.

When people don’t know about this issue they choose based on immediate convenience and nothing else. And therefore they can be herded into giving up their freedom by a combination of convenient features, pressure from institutions and the network effect, he said.

“That’s why I focus now on spreading the awareness of the philosophy of free software and the issue of freedom that we’re fighting for. Because if you have some courage and you recognize the harm that they are doing, you can resist,” Stallman added.

Full interview here

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