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UMC denies rumours of Globalfoundries deal

by on07 December 2012

No talks on stake acquisition, alliance

It’s been a pretty busy week for rumourmongers, with Intel and Nokia rushing to kill a couple of weird rumours a few days ago. Now it’s the foundry industry’s turn.

UMC has denied Taiwanese media reports that Globalfoundries is planning to take a stake in the company. UMC went on to say that the two companies never even discussed a stake acquisition deal.

The rumours pointed to a potential strategic alliance between the two foundries, backed by cross-shareholding to strengthen ties between the outfits. The alliance would then have enough muscle to take on TSMC.

Although the rumour sounded plausible on many levels, as a UMC-Glofo alliance could provide AMD with a viable alternative to TSMC, it seems we won’t see a deal after all.

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