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Another Limited Edition controller coming

by on11 January 2013

Tomb Raider-themed for Xbox 360

To celebrate the release of the new Tomb Raider, Microsoft will release a new Tomb Raider Limited Edition wireless controller for the Xbox 360. The Tomb Raider-themed controller was developed in conjunction with artists at Crystal Dynamics.

The controller will offer a two-layer color finish with laser etching to create what is being called “a realistic and tactile worn look and feel.” Beyond the Tomb Raider theme, the controller will offer all of the features that the Xbox 360 wireless controller has become famous for, including the customizable D-Pad that switches from “disc” to “plus” mode that has become the most recent addition to the wireless controller design.

The Tomb Raider Limited Edition Xbox 360 Wireless Controller will arrive in early March and include an exclusive download token for an exclusive Xbox 360 playable character in the game known as the devious Scavenger Archer.

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