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Gas Powered Games cans Wildman

by on12 February 2013

Kickstarter project ended without funding

Chris Taylor and Gas Powered Games announced via Email to supporters of its Wildman Kickstarter project that a decision had been reached to cancel the Wildman Kickstarter project.

In a cryptic Email, the point was made that it was needed to find a way to keep Gas Powered Games running, but right now there are no specifics they can share with the public. Taylor promises once they have news to share or an update they will post it on the website.

As for Wildman, Taylor and company have invited those that supported the Kickstarter project to migrate over to to continue discussing the project. It is unknown if Wildman will ever get made, but at least for the time being it is on the back burner.

As for the future and what Gas Powered Games might be up to, we just don’t know. There are a number of unconfirmed rumors circulating that suggest everything from a new project deal to a new investor to the company picking up freelance work for another studio. Right now, we don’t know the answer and we will have to wait till things become more clear.

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