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Mobile revolution creates immobile losers

by on18 February 2013

Can’t be bothered moving

Although it has been dubbed the mobile revolution, it appears that mobile phones are making more people less mobile.

According to a new survey, people are getting so lazy that they will actually text or phone someone who is in the next room rather than get off their bottoms and walk. The Halifax Insurance Digital Home Index said that half of the population admits to calling, texting or emailing friends and family in the next room. These are Brits of course, only a few generations ago a large chunk of the population was building an empire in India, China and Africa. Now it seems that they consider the next room a distant call.

Needless to say three quarters of Britons say they would struggle to get through one day without mobile phones, tablets and laptops. One person in five prefers to speak on the phone or communicate via social media such as Twitter or Facebook. The poll of 2,500 adults found that 25 per cent of people admitted to checking their emails and messages in bed while ten per cent checked their messages in the bathroom.

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