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Intel motherboards to become rarer than hen’s teeth

by on06 March 2013

Supply drying up

It is starting to look like Intel based motherboards will become as hard to find as a competent Italian politician. According to Digitimes Intel motherboards will become a scarce commodity when Intel's next-generation Haswell chip launches in June.

Chipzilla has been warning that it will get out of the traditional desktop motherboard business since January which means that desktop circuit boards may begin to get scarce. Apparently the chipmaker cut back on motherboard orders by 80 percent to only 100,000 units.

This is a lot quicker than Intel itself has said in the past. In fact it had promised to slowly ramp down motherboard production over three years. However it looks like the end of board development will come with Intel's upcoming Haswell chip generation, due to launch in June.

There is still plenty of stock out there and there are other large motherboard makers more than able to fill the void, including Asus, MSI, and Gigabyte, but if home tech people who want an Intel only machine might want to stock up now – in between their counselling sessions of course.

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