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Facebook to roll out hashtags

by on15 March 2013

New war on Twitter

Facebook is rumoured to be ready to roll out hashtags on the social network, opening up another front in its battle with Twitter.

Twitter made the hashtag famous and Facebook wants to use them to connect themes and topics. Facebook already lets users tag people, pages and location. But if they can tag their posts with hashtags would make it easier for that content to be indexed by Facebook's new search product.

So far the use of hashtags is just a rumour, and Facebook is refusing to comment. However, it is a pretty good rumour and fairly likely. The use of hashtags has become quite common on Twitter and, in some quarters, reviled. The problem is that using them lowers your follower count.

They are popular on Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing service where they can help you find the photo you want.

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