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October 29th release date for Battlefield 4?

by on02 April 2013

Despite rumors, EA remains undecided

A rumor has been circulating that Electronic Arts is planning an October 30th release of Battlefield 4. The rumor began to take on a life of its own after a leak from none other than during a blog posting that has since had the date removed.

Despite all of the talk, Electronic Arts continues to cling to the story that they remain undecided about the official release date for Battlefield 4; and other than knowing that it will arrive at some point during the autumn of 2013, no exact release date has been decided.

We think that despite all of the talk there is a good chance that EA is currently targeting October 29th as the release date for Battlefield 4, but they would like to get closer to that date before they know if they are going to be ready for it to launch on that date. We suspect that EA (in conjunction with DICE) will start talking about an official release date toward the middle of July when they are in a much better position to know when the product will be ready.

As for the date, last time around (to make sure that Battlefield 3 was released before Call of Duty) EA selected October 25th; so again, an October 29th release date fits the time when the last game in the franchise was released. If there was any reason not to release on October 29th, it might be that the latest Assassin’s Creed, the 4th installment known as Black Flag, has already staked that out as its release date. As we have seen in the past, it isn’t necessarily a good thing when two high-profile titles go head to head on the same release date.

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