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AMD to introduce business Richland parts

by on23 April 2013

A little something for OEMs

AMD is set to introduce desktop Richland parts in a couple of months, but it will also launch business oriented Richland APUs later this year.

Biostar spilled the beans on its support website and the leak was picked up by CPU World. The B-series chips will come in three flavours, the A4-6300B, A6-6400B and A10-6800B. The A10-6800B has a 100W TDP and it is clocked at 4.1GHz. The A4-6300B and A6-6400B are 65W chips clocked at 3.7GHz and 3.9GHz respectively.

Of course, we are talking about B-series chips and you shouldn’t expect to see them in any store. They are reserved solely for the OEM gang.

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