Samsung Exynos SoC with AMD RNDA2 GPU to be announced next month
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Rumored to bring impressive performance

It appears that the earlier reports from Korea were spot on as the latest rumor suggests that the Samsung Exynos SoC with AMD RDNA2 GPU could be launching in July. A different report also suggests it could be packing quite a punch, despite being limited in order to fit the power envelope.

Google moves to AMD on cloud
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Cloud’s not too sexy for Milan

Google will offer cloud computing services based on AMD's newest data centre chip, Milan in a move likely to intensify AMD's push to grab market share from rival Intel.

AMD liquid-cooled RX 6900 XT LC is limited to system integrators
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Not coming to retail/e-tail

The recently spotted reference Radeon RX 6900 XT LC (Liquid Cooled) graphics card is apparently exclusive to System Integrators (SIs), according to AMD.

AMD patents new microarchitecture
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Similar to ARM's big.LITTLE

AMD has patented a different method of moving threads between different types of cores in a heterogeneous processor which is similar to ARM's big.LITTLE design.

AMD scores Razer Blade 14 win
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AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX processor

AMD has scored a significant product win and got its AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX processor under the bonnet of the Razer Blade 14.

AMD announces Ryzen 5000G APUs for desktop
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7nm Zen 3 with Vega 8 IGP

Although previously available to OEMs, AMD has now announced its two Ryzen 5000G SKUs for the retail/e-tail market, the Ryzen 7 5700G and the Ryzen 5 5600G, offering impressive performance with Zen 3 CPU architecture and Vega graphics at $359 and $259.

AMD announces Advantage design framework initiative
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First gaming notebooks coming this month

During its Computex 2021 event, AMD has announced its new Advantage design framework initiative, a program that will help notebook makers to create the best possible gaming notebooks.

AMD confirms raytracing and VRS in Samsung Exynos RDNA GPU
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Coming to next-generation Samsung flagship Exynos SoC

During its keynote Computex 2021 event, AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, confirmed that the RDNA GPU in the next-generation Exynos SOC will support both raytracing and variable rate shading (VRS).

Teslas to become new AMD gaming rig
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Tesla infotainment system consists of an AMD Ryzen processor paired with an AMD RDNA 2 GPU

AMD has confirmed that the new Tesla infotainment system consists of an AMD Ryzen processor paired with an AMD RDNA 2 GPU.

AMD pledges three new RDNA 2-based Radeon RX 6000M GPUs
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Wants to take on Nvidia’s 30-series GeForce cards

AMD says it will increase the number of its gaming laptop with three new RDNA 2-based Radeon RX 6000M GPUs.