Frank Azor joins AMD as chief architect of gaming solutions
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Major talent win for AMD

AMD's CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, confirmed that Frank Azor is now part of AMD's team as he joins the company as chief architect of gaming solutions.

AMD Radeon VII reaches end of life (EOL)
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Stores selling their last stock

According to the latest report, it appears that Radeon VII has reached the end of life (EOL) and was killed by AMD as of last month, with stores now selling their last stock at a premium.

AMD confirms custom RX 5700 coming in mid-August
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Might consider changing future reference blower cooler

AMD has confirmed that custom RX 5700 series graphics cards will be coming in mid-August, and some partners will launch their versions even later.

AMD confirms the RX 5700 series price cut
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Said it was the plan all along

AMD has now officially confirmed the RX 5700 series price cut, pulling down the RX 5700 to $349, RX 5700 XT down to $399, and the RX 5700 XT 50th Anniversary Edition to $449.

AMD drops RX 5700 series price ahead of launch
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Feeling the pressure from Nvidia RTX Super series

According to a report, it appears that AMD has decided to lower the RX 5700 price ahead of the July 7th launch, buckling under the pressure from Nvidia's RTX Super series.

AMD gives three months of Xbox Game Pass for Ryzen and Radeon buyers
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Includes current and upcoming Radeon and Ryzen products

AMD has announced its latest bundle which includes three months of Xbox Game Pass for PC with purchase of some upcoming Radeon and Ryzen products as well as existing ones from select retailers/e-tailers and select regions.

AMD talks Precision Boost Overdrive in Ryzen 3000 series
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Promises higher single-core boost clocks

AMD took to Youtube to reveal a bit more information regarding its upcoming AMD Ryzen 3000 series, specifically, the new Precision Boost Overdrive, which promises to bring higher single-core boost clocks.

AMD furious at Chinese allegations
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Wall Street Journal in the doghouse

The Wall Street Journal is in the doghouse with AMD after releasing an anti-Chinese story with the chipmaker’s name on it.

Intel admits AMD is a danger again
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Leaked memo warns of AMD formidability 

Intel is getting rather concerned at AMD's Zen 2 advancements and an internal memo that just leaked out to public venues indicates that AMD is starting to give Chipzilla a good kicking in its reptilian diodes.

AMD fixes borked SEV encryption
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Epyc fail

AMD has issued a firmware patch to fix its  Secure Encrypted Virtualization technology (SEV) encryption.