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Futurama cancelled by idiots, again

by on23 April 2013

I’ll build my own network, with blackjack and hookers

Bad news everyone, Matt Groening’s Futurama has been cancelled once again. The iconic animated sci-fi series won the hearts and minds of millions of geeks over the past 15 years, but that seems to have been its undoing.

It was cancelled by Fox back in 2003, after the network realized that mouth breathers simply don’t get the sci-tech jokes. It then found a new home at Comedy Central, but it seems it wasn’t bland and watered down enough for Comedy Central’s taste.

The last season is set to kick off on June 19 and conclude on September 4. Groening promises to deliver a “fantastic finish” to the series, although that’s hardly what the show’s many fans want to hear.

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