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Intel targets toddlers

by on28 May 2013

x86 before pre-school

Intel has started targeting toddlers and their parents with a new 'Toddlers and Technology' programme. The idea is to focus on how the touch-generation could benefit from technology and how it positively impacts the quality of life.

One event, in Pakistan, focused on key topical issues around Toddlers and Technology, such as: when should children be exposed to technology. It looked at what software is out there to assist with their development, providing the information in a fun, informative, relaxed event environment. Intel said that children are growing up as digital natives, and it is important to understand how to use technology in a positive manner.

A device has the ability to be an incredibly powerful educational tool and mixing computer play with interaction re-enforces what the child is learning and makes the experience more engaging. With the increase in density of touch-enabled screens, from ATMs to tablets, mobile phones to pubic smart display kiosks, there is now a growing expectation that the screens that people use every day will respond to their touch.

Speaking at the event, Asma Aziz, Marketing & PR Manager, Intel South Asia said, "Today's kids are so completely at ease with navigating and flicking their way through devices to get to the latest game on a smart phone or tablet. The rapid spread of touch-screen computing devices like smart phones and tablets is creating a generation of children that we call the "Touch Generation" - and they're heralding a new era that fundamentally changes the way we interact with computers.

She claimed that the world was an a significant stage in the evolution of how we interact with technology.

“The rise of the touch generation is not only set to change the way we interact with our technology, but it is also changing the type of technology we will demand in future," she said.

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