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Pegatron to build cheaper iPhone

by on30 May 2013

Foxconn to take care of high-end

It appears that Pegatron will be the primary supplier of Apple’s upcoming low-cost iPhone. So far Foxconn was in charge of iPhone production, but now it might be falling out of favour.

Pegatron has a long standing relationship with Apple and it already produces most of Apple’s iPad minis. It seems only logical that it would win the cheap iPhone contract and according to the Wall Street Journal, it did. Pegatron recently said that it would hire an additional 40,000 workers for an undisclosed project, which in all likelihood is the new low cost iPhone.

In the meantime Foxconn will continue to churn out the iPhone 5 and it will probably get the contract to build the next full cost iPhone, which will probably be called the iPhone 5S.

The new low cost iPhone seems rather interesting in our opinion. Although it is designed with emerging markets in mind, with an unsubsidized price of about $400 it should work in developed markets as well, especially as the smartphone market is starting to mature.

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